Screw the goals! Set intentions!

Do you feel you should set goals every year? When you do, how often do you actually achieve those goals? If your “goals” are about production numbers, what do you base your aspirations on? What I usually hear from my clients is that they want to produce a certain % more than the year before. If so, have you given thought to how you are going to achieve this?

In actual fact, production “goals” are nothing but targets. And very often, these targets are set without a plan for how to get there. This is the number one reason that we fail meet our goals.

What if, instead of goals or targets, you set intentions? The difference is that an intention is a commitment; a promise to yourself. An intention can be to change something, do something differently, be better at something, finish something, accomplish something, work at something, set a new routine, add something to your routine, stop doing something, do less or more of something.

Are you hearing the difference? When we set an intention and make a commitment to it, we are far more likely to achieve what we set out to do that striving for some arbitrary bar.  And once you have stated your intentions, your coach will be your committed accountability partner that will help keep you on track!

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