BOSS HACK! Acknowledge vs. Appreciate

BOSS HACK: Acknowledgement vs. Appreciation

Hey, both are good. But there is a difference! Appreciation is saying “Thanks for a good day” as one of your staff members heads for the door. Acknowledgement is saying, “You handled disgruntled Ms. Jones beautifully today. That wasn’t easy – you have a special way with people and great patience. Thank you!” Do you hear the difference? Appreciation stops at thank you, you did a good job. Acknowledgement taps into something special, specific, skillful and what it took to do it.  Did it take sacrifice? Did it take courage? Did it take patience? Did it take willpower, enthusiasm, etc. We all like to be appreciated, however when we are acknowledged, it literally lights up our brains, leaves us feeling open, bonded, trusting and engaged. As a boss, isn’t that who you want on your bus?

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