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What keeps you up at night? Being a boss? Running your practice? Doing the right thing? You CAN find relaxed confidence as a business owner, ethical leader, boss. Discover how to navigate the dental practice jungle. Be COMFORTABLE, CONFIDENT, CAPABLE.

Love coming to work…let’s talk. 

Unique Coaching Just for Dentists

Tap into my 30 years in the dentistry ‘trenches’.

Finally, a coach who really understands your challenges! 

Are you a dentist who is a reluctant entrepreneur and leader? What would change for you if you knew how to make your practice better, healthier and easier to run? If you knew instinctively what the right thing to do was as a boss and leader? I make it easy to gain confidence in your role as leader and business owner and eliminate that Sunday night dread you feel about going to work on Monday!

Practice management consultants tell you what to do. I show you how, provide you with tools and help you use them to create your own solutions. My expertise is providing hands-on, grass-roots fundamentals  that lay the foundation on which you can build a happy, healthy practice. My coaching experience and training enable me to be a collaborator and support system for you.  I show you how and then I provide an on-going resource for you to continue learning. I tap into your values and strengths and help you find your inner leader. You CAN love coming to work!


Be Challenged. Be Confident. Coaching for professionals and entrepreneurs is an idea whose time has come. You have the answers, you have the ideas, you know where you want to go. Sometimes it just takes a little help from a trained coach to sort out your thoughts, reign in your worries, and lay out your path ahead. I am a Certified Executive Coach with a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) designation from the International Coach Federation. I am also a Certified Team Performance Coach, and have coached together with many dentists and their teams. I have worked with dentists for 30 years in a variety of capacities and know the profession, its challenges and idiosyncracies! I guarantee confidentiality and I guarantee the prospect of confidence in all you do. Being coached isn’t always easy, but it works! See the Coaching page of this website for more details.


What if you had a resource at your finger tips to help you build, grow and nurture your practice? You do! It’s your team! Sadly, many dentists say that their teams and ‘managing staff’ are the bane of their existence. This can be true when a team is not functioning as a team; when it’s not cultivated to energize a practice; when the team leader is not demonstrating leadership; and when team toxins and communication cancers get in the way of how a team operates. This can change! You CAN cultivate a team, through coaching using assessment tools that enable a team to look at itself as a living entity (rather than a group of individuals) and a coach that guides you and your team into new possibilities. Step one is finding out how YOU see your team. Call me today for a no-charge Team Leader View – an online questionnaire that takes only about 25 minutes to complete! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.





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