Value, Learning, Fun!

For Dentists AND their teams! When learning is fun, adults learn faster and better!

Interactive, Lively, Fun Learning for Dentists & the Whole Team!

How Communication, Leadership & Business Skills Create a Thriving Practice Where Everyone Wants to Come to Work! 

After 30 Years in the dental “trenches”, I think I have seen it all! Let me delight and inspire your audiences with actitivities, stories, my trained coach approach and solid solutions to the day to day challenges we all face in a dental practice!

A “Coach Approach” to Learning!

ENGAGED LISTENERS = Successful meetings

PARTICIPATION = Learning is Fun!

COACHING METHODS  = Learning Retention!

Prepare to Engage & Participate!

 Speaker Video: http://youtu.be/QlNKxSISsjc

Speaker Video:  Kristin Nickells – Leadership Conference

Download my Speaker Sheet:  Kristin Nickells – Speaker Sheet

Download my CV Curriculum Vitae

All my presentations include Role play, Activities, & Problem Solving based on real life scenarios, real-life situations, and common pitfalls that occur in a dental practice! Prepare to leave with solid, usable solutions for some of the most common challenges that arise in a practice!

Dentists AND their teams! Something for everyone!



 Presentations can be tailored to suit your needs; keynotes, break-outs, half day work shops, full or multi-day workshops. Choose the format that suits your audience, meeting and venue – I will help you fill your room and make your meeting a success!

Break-outs, Keynotes, Half or Full Day Workshops


Survival in the Dental Practice Jungle! 

 It’s a jungle out there! We work in a unique environment and sometimes it feels like danger and hassles lurk around every corner! This fun presentation examines our biggest challenges and how we interact with our work, with our patients and with each other. Listeners leave with easy-to-learn tools, techniques and talents to reduce hassles, minimize conflict, and create a safe, harmonious work environment. The whole team benefits from learning these habits and gains new understanding of the challenges of being a boss or having one! Learn how to work with difficult people, grow personally, and put the joy back in your job.

This presentation can be designed for dentists only or dentists and staff!



Would You Like Floss With That? Dental Business Nuggets – Fast, Hot & Easy!

If you were to duplicate your entire practice to relocate down the street, what would you leave in and what you leave out? Dentists, you do not have to reinvent the wheel to run your practices simply and efficiently! While dentistry is unique in many ways, the business principles of running a practice are universal.Why not tap into and borrow tried and proven principles from one the most successful business models in existence! A look outside the dental industry in an unexpected place reveals amazing, carefully guarded secrets that will enable you to understand and run your practice more efficiently!

Download presentation info here  Would You Like Floss With That PDF.

  1. Enhance patient numbers and loyalty
  2. Streamline managing your practice
  3. Motivate, train and retain staff
  4. Boost the bottom line
Ideal for dentists and/or dentists and their teams!



How to express yourself effectively in conflict!

How do you manage conflict?

Conflict is a part of life. However, we can choose to manage conflict in a healthy, productive way. Does the cat have your tongue when you are challenged with conflict, confrontation, hurt feelings, cold shoulders and belligerent behaviour in the workplace? Do you find yourself steaming, tense, preoccupied and unfocused because of it? Don’t let these challenges stop you from doing your best work and ruin your day.  SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY teaches you simple, easy to use formulas for managing conflict and confrontation in a neutral, non-judgement, non-inflammatory way. Learn to recognize the toxins and cancers that escalate conflict and acquire the tools that enable you to reduce unhealthy conflict while saying your piece.

If you find it difficult to speak to your boss, confront a co-worker, correct an employee or deal with angry patients, join me to discover how you can choose your words to change the game when it comes to communication in the dental practice! This may be the most valuable course you have ever attended!



Anti-Bullying Workshop

Jerks at work are not fun! Bullying and harassment are all too real in the workplace and the dental industry is not immune! Learn how to create a code to keep jerks out of your practice and acquire the skills to deal with bullying and harassment that exists now. Discover your state and provincial obligations and responsibilities to your staff, and as a team, learn how to keep unwanted behavior out of the workplace forever!



BECAUSE DENTAL SCHOOL DIDN’T TEACH YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! Learn the basics that dental school didn’t teach you! Whether you are a new dentist or experienced, an associate, practice owner, partner, or sole owner, or maybe you are just thinking about opening a practice; understanding business basics will make your life easier! Learn how to read financial statements from the eyes of a dentist, discover effective tips, tools & techniques for managing staff, overhead, practice growth and many other challenges. You CAN find relaxed confidence as a business owner and boss! Business Bootcamp for Dentists is a by-request workshop for dentists which includes a free, follow-up, one-on-one coaching session with each participant! Call me for details. 250-248-1926



Are leaders born? Of course they are! I don’t know anyone who wasn’t born! And I don’t know anyone who does not have the ability to be a leader.

  • Discover how to unlock your own innate leadership abilities.  
  • Learn which characteristics you have that make you a leader.
  • Find out how to define and develop these characteristics to be an outstanding leader.

When you discover the leader in you:

  • You become a trusted boss with loyal employees.
  • You become a trusted employee with whom coworkers and bosses love to work.
  • Your communication skills excel through the roof!
  • Your relationships get stronger and better.
  • Your work becomes more meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Your work environment becomes harmonious and stable.

This presentation is for dentists and all staff members! It is interactive, fun, and will leave you feeling exuberant, exhilarated and excited!


Financials give you important messages! Discover the amazing stories they tell! See what your banker sees!

Financial Statements Tell You Things You Need to Know! 

Do your Financial Statements sit in a filing cabinet, seldom looked at? Did you know that they are Chocker-Block FULL of useful information – if only you knew how to listen to their messages! My background in accounting helps us all out here; find out how the statements work, how to read them, key indicators specifically useful to dentists! Find out what your accountant sees, what your banker sees! Find out amazing things about your practice! Your Financial Statements will never sit in a drawer gathering dust again!

This presentation is most valuable to audiences of dentists only.


Paper Napkin Plans - 2CD Set

Paper Napkin Plans – 2CD Set – Method and Template

Paper Napkin Plans - The Fun, Fast, Easy Way to Organize Your Big Ideas!- When results matter, it matters to plan! Whether you are renovating, hiring an associate, relocating or purchasing major equipment, this method of planning is right for you!  It will save you time, money and grief – all it takes is answering 6 easy questions. Learning this process will enable you to plan anything with intent. Suitable for the entire team.


What listeners say……

“Your workshop made me realize what my boss has to juggle. I see and do

Let’s figure it out together!

things differently now and cut him some slack. I think work is more fun for us all now”  – CDA

“I was blown away! Fun, engaging and lots of useful info! Best presentation at conference! – RDH

“I loved listening to you – you are the Suze Orman for dentists!” – DDS

“I never give 100% to anyone, but you deserve it all! You are clearly an outstanding expert in your field” – DDS

 ”Amazing! You kept the audience here and engaged until the end of day 2 of the conference on a sunny weekend! I think that’s a first! Way to go!” – Meeting Planner

 Why hire me to speak to your group?

  • Solutions for Dentists - my presentations are a survival guide for dentists and staff, helping to solve many of the pressing challenges they face. I have the credentials, experience and expertise to help dentists find a relaxed confidence in being business owners and bosses! That means you are hiring a proven expert in the field!
  • Experience.I have 30 years in the industry (including 15 years as Office Manager in a large dental practice!) which enables me to use real-life examples and stories, and an engaging, interactive speaking style. That means you are hiring an experienced, competent speaker who knows how to engage audiences.
  • Content. You can ensure your attendees will gain valuable content that they will retain; I incorporate fun into the learning, from the business of dentistry to coping with workplace issues. My keynotes and workshops are filled with useful, valuable information that makes practice-life easier for dentists and staff alike. That means your attendees get great value and want to come back!
  • Coach. I am a Certified Executive Coach and a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation. I bring all coaching core competencies to the platform (trust, interaction, empowerment and accountability). That means added dimension and value, as well as retention and implementation of learning for your meeting participants.

  • History. I bring 30 years of history in the business means I speak from experience. My knowledge & educational background includes both business & dentistry! That means an ability to use story and real-life examples to make it real for your attendees.
  • Hands On. I have developed and teach an ongoing, successful business training program for dentists from which I draw many of my presentations. That means you gain from my experience working hands on with dentists.
  • Energy. My energy and smile will ensure that your meeting is successful! That means that your listeners will get real value and I will make you, as a meeting planner, look great!

I look forward to being part of your meeting! For bookings and schedule information please call me at 250-248-1926 or email me at coachk@nickellsilver.ca and reserve your spot on my calendar today!

For speaker BIO information, please visit the “About” page of this website.

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