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  1. Shandra Robson says:

    PERFECT! I really think it’s very fitting, on so many levels.

  2. Thelma says:

    Great blog site, great business name.

    I have never posted a comment to a blog before, but don’t want to get left too far behind this fast-moving creature of a friend of mine. Looking forward to this RRU Executive Coaching journey of yours Kris. Will try to hang on! Fully expecting to learn plenty from your ‘role-model extraordinaire’ learning-style… as always.

  3. Mom says:

    As always, when you create a new and interesting pathway for yourself, I am proud and astounded at your courage and
    determination to conquer all the road
    blocks that may hinder your journey.
    Go Girl! And go with love.

  4. Rob says:

    Your site looks really good. I’m very proud of you and I suspect that things will just keep getting better and more interesting! And..with due respect to Mom, what roadblocks? I don’t see no stinkin’ roadblocks!

  5. Gail Pohl says:

    You go girl!!!

  6. Francis LaCouvee says:

    Keep up the hard work Kristin. I look forward to more insight. Francis

  7. Mike Harris says:

    Good for you Kristin. I look forward to more. Mike.

  8. Mike Harris says:

    Way to go Kristin! I look forward to more. Mike.

  9. Linda Todsen says:

    After our first coaching session today, as part of your coaching certification course, I want to not only thank you for your great listening and summarizing skills but to say how very successful I believe you will be throughout this program and additional career!

  10. Kristin says:

    Thank you, Linda, for your enthusiasm! I appreciate the great feedback! Until this program, I had never been coached myself. Isn’t it amazing to come away from a session feeling as though you have truly been heard and understood? And from my point of view as a coach, it is just as amazing to come away knowing that I have truly listened.

  11. Becky Noble says:

    Awesome! Sounds like a great experience for you – what a fitting Emerson quote. Gorgeous campus too.

  12. There are some interesting studies showing that performance reviews do more damage than good. A growing number of experts talk about abolishing them. Frankly, I disagree. Without doubt, a badly done performance management process can be worse than no performance management process or review at all. But the process and review executed well builds a solid and critical relationship between the leader and the employee. When performance management is not treated as an event but rather as an ongoing dialog that sets and resets expectations, that shares struggles and praises achievements; it becomes a natural and honest foundation for the leader/follower relationship. The formal performance review becomes a summary of what’s already known, a chance to reflect and learn from the performance period and an opportunity to plan for the next one. Poor execution is no excuse for the industry to abandon something that can add so much value.

    Kristin thanks for sharing your forms and keep coaching leaders to do this well!

  13. Actual application has been always better than theory. Am I right?

  14. I like what you have said here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way you assert it. I can’t wait to read far more from you. That is really a great website.

  15. Looks like a great opportunity. Without a doubt, everyone can benefit immensely from coaches/mentors in their lives! Thanks for making this available to the dental profession.

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  18. Can’t wait to hear you speak in Chicago! Great post!

  19. Sharon Gosnell says:

    Please email me when you have your schedule. I enjoyed reading your viewpoint in November Oral Health.

  20. Joe Bulger says:

    Great post Kristin. A few more I would like to add:

    Organization – This is such a key aspect of a CDA’s repertoire. Dental visits are like music performances in that they’re highly-orchestrated events. Without the flow organization brings, the music quickly grinds to a halt.

    Leadership & Followership – CDA’s must be good followers – being in tunes with the doctor. And most assistants get that part… What’s really valuable is when they can step up to leading the appointment. That takes a burden off the doctor, who can then focus on their job alone and not have to worry about running the show.

  21. Kristin says:

    You are one smart and insightful man, Dr. Bulger! Thank you for adding those two points. I love the analogy of the dance, and the notion that a great dance must know how to lead AND to follow!

  22. Anne Duffy says:

    Great way to phrase the questions, Kristin! It is true that there is some finesse needed to walk the lines between employee, staff and doctor. I am sure the new dentist would appreciate a few tips in diplomacy. I look forward to the discussion.

  23. I am a dentist in Ireland and interested in your business boot camp

  24. carole McLeod Jinks says:

    Hello Kristin,
    We met several years ago when I was an executive with Exan Software.
    I owned the company that developed the Mercedes Dental Software many years
    ago and eventual sold the the software to Exan and developed Power Practice which is used by many dental offices on the island. I was going through my things and a came across one of your brochures from years ago and wondered how you were doing.
    I have heard many good reports of your work throughout the years as a speaker at the dental meetings. I am working with practices and businesses in Vancouver as a mentor, coach, facilitator. I continue to love the business end of businesses. I watched your video clips …you are good. It might be worth connecting at some time.
    There is lots to do out there.
    Take care and enjoy the summer
    Carole McLeod (Jinks)

  25. Johnd131 says:

    I just stumbled upon your website and blog. I like what you had to say. I am new in practice and I am struggling. Thank you for help and I will be subscribing to your Drill Bits dental tips.

  26. Kristin says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Carole! It sounds as though you are doing some amazing work. I am interested in how we might collaborate! Helping dentists and their teams find relaxed confidence as business owners takes a village! I am speaking for the Vancouver District Dental Society in January 2015, and then again at Pacific Dental Conference in March. I hope we can connect.

  27. Kristin says:

    Hello Anne. I am following up on your interest in furthering your business skills. If you would like to connect, please let me know. I have been finding that dentists are more comfortable with one on one coaching than in the group bootcamps. I have clients all over the world that I am working with, so if you would like to discuss how I can help, I will make myself available. You can reach me at (Canada) 1-250-248-1926 or

  28. Kristin, your insights are brilliant! Is it no wonder that your clients see the incredible value in your wisdom? Not only have you modeled the kinds of behaviors that are helpful and healthful for your clients you have taken positive ACTION to “take a stand” for your clients personal growth.