Why coaching & what will it do for you?

Who do you talk to, to hash out challenges that come up in practice? Who helps you to figure out solutions or define what’s getting in the way of moving forward? Your colleagues? Does that turn into a complaining session with no real resolution? Do you take it home and talk to your spouse? How’s that working for you? Having your own coach means having a thinking partner; a trusted advisor: an advocate who is on your side and knows your business; ready, willing and able to work with you to work things out and assist you to feel confident and positive about managing your practice or career. Coaching is an idea who’s time has come…especially for dentists.

It’s now cool to have a coach! 

Find out if you are ready for coaching: Are you Ready for Coaching?

Confidence: Executive Coaching is more than twice as effective* as other business-skills programs. Positive results have caused coaching to explode around the world and there is actually a shortage of good coaches. It is now ‘cool’ to have a coach! Unlike a sports coach, your business coach is not the expert, the one with the answers – Executive Coaching has changed all that. A new paradigm has emerged and ‘coaching’ is redefined. “In this new model, the coach is instead a committed thought-partner”. (*Ivey Business Journal). Coaching will help you gain relaxed confidence as a boss, leader and professional in a way that consulting, practice management, books and seminars cannot. It is tailored to YOUR values, YOUR needs, YOUR strengths and YOUR challenges. Better than twice as effective!

 Reduce your stress! A coach provokes a path of thought through the use of strategic questions; the concept is based on the premise that you, the client, are a healthy, capable and whole (not broken!!). You are a rational human being capable of finding answers and making decisions; sometimes you just need a little help to uncover or clarify them. Finding solutions and creating a clear path forward, removing obstacles and having an accountability partner, all serve to help you make solid, practical decisions, get things done, find balance, demonstrate real leadership, and take care of business. You just might find yourself loving your work again! Being able to put your strengths into play and having solid support helps to alleviate a great deal of the stress associated with being a dentist and a boss!



Associate Savvy – Start off on the right foot. Arm the skills you need going forward and/or how to manage your career as an associate dentist.

Business Bootcamp - Gain the confidence you need in the early years of business ownership. Shorten your learning curve. Save yourself a lot of grief.

Up to Speed – Build your business, establish practice values, hone leadership and communication skills to grow your practice, manage your stress & money, make tough decisions, manage staff, juggle all aspects of practice ownership.

High Speed Drill – For dentists with thriving practices who want help maintaining what it takes to keep a practice healthy and busy. Stress reduction, leadership, marketing, customer service, managing a large staff.

Try it out at no charge. Your first ‘discovery’ consultation with me is always free! Call or email me and set up a time. I’ll answer any questions you might have. 250-248-1926 or

 All coaching programs are generally a minimum contract of 12 months, and are based on the following (please contact me for pricing):

  •        YOU ARE CAPABLE: You are not ‘broken’ and do not need ‘fixing’ – you are capable of creating your own solutions (with a little help!) and as your coach, I am a catalyst, an advisor, an accountability partner!
  •        CONFIDENTIALITY: A positive, safe, non-judgmental environment of confidentiality. We all want to be seen, heard and understood and that is exactly the environment I create for you.
  •        I UNDERSTAND YOUR PROFESSION: My nearly 30 years in the dental field gives me a real edge that is yours for the taking; insight and understanding into your work with a solid business background.
  •       VALUES: As your coach, I share with you a high level of self awareness; I will be honest, authentic, without my own agenda. I have enough life and dental experience to provide insight; enough heart to be empathic; enough backbone to challenge and give honest feedback. I base my coaching on these values. I will help you to articulate your values and will bring them into our coaching relationship.
  • A CHAMPION: Most of all, I will be your champion! Allow me to unlock your inner entrepreneur, enable you to gain relaxed confidence as a business owner and boss and make your work fun!

Call me today to discuss how coaching can help you gain confidence, reduce your stress and make your professional life much more fulfilling.

Kristin Nickels, Certified Executive Coach, ACC

Nickellsilver Business Solutions Inc.


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  1. Looks like a great opportunity. Without a doubt, everyone can benefit immensely from coaches/mentors in their lives! Thanks for making this available to the dental profession.

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